EDC Engineering, Architecture, Construction and Trade Co. Inc. is founded by three companies, which are known with their reliability, honesty, job organization and quality in the construction sector, aiming to transfer their successful business in the country towards outside of the country by means of joining their power, knowledge and experience.

The partner companies of EDC A.Ş., namely

  • ATİLA DİNDAR Construction Renovation Decoration

are not acting EDC A.Ş. as a separate company but in contrary, they are directing their power and support towards EDC A.Ş. to reach its target.

Other company ATİLA DİNDAR Construction Renovation Decoration, is serving mainly European Countries’ Consulates in the Country since its foundation date of 1992. Its successful existence and preserving continuity up to today in this sector, which requires fastidious, qualified and high quality job, are the main references of ATİLA DİNDAR Construction.

Reliability and programmed working, which are the most important requirements of the sector that cannot be given up, are the first coming features of the company.

Working with high-level clients from different countries since 1992, provided the company to gain very special experiences and reflection of these experiences to other fields of the construction sector is one of the most important profit of the company.

Company has undertaken both civil & finishing works of various five-star hotel, residential buildings, trade centers, official buildings, etc. and all completed successfully; the main distinct feature of the Company is that once a project is completed, the Client wishes to work with us for his all other projects.

Company is taking part in various partnerships and making investments as the result of his expanding vision with time.

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